August 23, 2018

Return Guarantee

Return Policy

Return Policy: We will authorize returns for unused products with a return authorization approval number. Please do not attempt to return anything without contacting POINTGLEATHER.COM first. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. If you receive a defective product we will gladly replace it within 30 days of sale. For authorization, contact referencing your order number or call WHATSAPP +58 412 603 8500 . Drop shipped Returns: Drop shipped items may only be returned if product is defective upon arrival. We will not accept returns for drop ship items that are not defective.


If you have any problems with the items we will gladly refund the money for it, it is necessary the return of the item. If you would like more information about a waiting order item or if you prefer to cancel the waiting order, please send your request by email to with reference to your order number. Whatsapp +58 412 603 85 00

Warranty on leather goods

We believe in our crafts, materials and designs so strongly that we guarantee against defects in defective materials and poor workmanship for 100 years. If it is our fault that it was broken because we did not assemble it well or we used defective materials that were not maintained as they were supposed to, then we will fix it or replace it and send it again. even the rocks wear out. Then, if something wears like thread in a stain that is rubbed all day or leather where it was worn

Estimated Shipping Transit Times: 3-7 days UPS, DHL or FEDEX

SHIPMENTS COME OUT QUICKLY, we work with DHL and Fedex UPS to provide the best service.