August 23, 2018

Frequent Questions

Frequently asked questions

it is super easy to buy, choose the product you fill with your data, you pay and ready your order we send it immediately.

Our factory is made of leather goods in Venezuela, from allli it is our raw material that is the workers, also the leather, and the articles we send from the  L.A CALIFORNIA EEUU to any part of the world.

Yes, of course, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it in your box as you received it. After 48 hours we receive the payment, we know that you like it and that you keep the item without complaint.

YES! only the ITEM LEATHER POINTGLEATHER are delivered free in the WORLD

Shipping fees are dependent on which country the order is shipped to. While most orders have a flat rate shipping fee, there are items that have a calculated rate due to being oversize or heavyweight.

We use UPS International Shipping. Our rates are pulled directly from UPS’s system in real time less 20% off for our customers.

Customs and Brokerage Fees:
Customs departments of other countries may charge extra fees or tariffs for international shipments. Such fees are variable and you should contact your country’s customs department to see if you will need to pay any additional fees to claim your shipment. Because such fees are very variable our store will not calculate or include these fees in your total. The receiver will be responsible for any of these types of fees and charges.

Yes, of course, let us know with time what we would like to personalize


3 to 5 working days we work with Fedex and DHL.

Customers who place orders under an online account can login to the website at any time to see its current status. Guests will receive email notifications at time of ordering and when the order is shipped. At the end of every business day, we send out tracking information to the email address you provided with your order. Please ensure we are white-listed through your email service provider. If you do not receive an email (due to spam blockers, etc.), please let us know and we will be happy to update you on your order status.

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