August 23, 2018

Happy Customers


Wearing my temporary device today from @pointgleather. Miztress & I are attending an event tonight and this allows me to remain locked on a day I can’t wear my metal cage.

Daily Lock No.: 689128



Would recommend this cage to boy who wants to explore . Good cage and available at a reasonable price.

Eko ‏ @ekonine

Eko ‏

New plastic device from fits well, feels great!

Slave Robert #929 - Property of Goddess Serena

Yay! Woo Hoo! It’s arrived, collected from depot this morning , so excited. Guess what I’ll be doing when I get home from work, champing at the bit or what. Thank you again for thinking of me and sharing the link Goddess

🐍MistressViperHOA 🐍 ‏ @MissViperHOA

🐍 My pets are their best selves at My feet. Theres no better feeling than being under My control 🐍

leather flogger and leather blindfold from

Daddy An Li 🔞 @Daddy_AnLi

Will you still love me even if I decide to become a dildo-corn?

Micropene CBT @Wolfdragula

Mi nuevo juguete de  

Y el otro juguete  de  @giancarloxxx

LatexSub & Artist Engwemabala

The inspirational idea of the illustration is based on the great work of at . Check out their stuff, follow & !  

Mistress SinPiedad ‏ ‏

You’ll accept your before I’ll use your ass👇 Thank you for this fantastic 😈

⁂ ᗰIᔕᔕ ᐯIᑕTOᖇIᗩ ⁂ ‏

Thank you! As you can see and hear, I had a lot of fun making this short video! It’s a great CBT device which I am going to use many more times!

mistress jill

I use mine a lot 🙂🔥🔥🔥

Commander Lady Anaconda

I LOVE My genuine leather harness, strap on holster, flogged and more beautiful pieces you’ll only find at PointG Leather! Thank you for upgrading My game! 🔥🔥🔥


Just arrived! A work of art and a perfect fit!! Wearing it now!! Would post but I don’t post dick pics. It’s quality and it ain’t coming off!!! Got here quickly and you guys are great!

MISTRESS zoe noir

Thanks all for nice comments! I forget to mention that cool collar is from my dear friend and I’m loving it 💋



Thank you to for gifting me some of his WELL-MADE impliments. They are BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to use them at the next where I’ll be flogging attendees at the Triple XXX cross.


♠️👸Sexy whips, straps and harnesses from the hottest leather worker on Twitter ♠️😘 Buy your favorite domme more whips and handcuffs to beat your ass!


Love this flogger from ! Who wants to get whipped?

is so hot it burns me just to look at her . I’ve felt the kiss of that whip in her hands and can confirm it’s effectiveness as a weapon of ass destruction.


Thanks for the new leather flogger and blindfold!


@Holderfreak666 dank je voor dat leuke cadeautje en dank je aan @giancarloxxx 😊 




Op zoek naar nieuwe zwepen of andere hand gemaakt bdsm artikelen gemaakt van 100% Venezuela kwaliteit leer voor lage prijzen en binnen 5 dagen in huis geen verzendkosten💥 Kijk eens op of stuur een berichtje naar